La Posta

Experts in Italian cuisine



Our Italian cuisine is prepared with the highest quality with the finest ingredients to satisfy the most demanding palates.



Originally established in a house built in the XIX century in the traditional neighborhood of Coyoacan, La Posta is the best place for good food. The quality of service and attention, the dedication, care and experience has been that La Posta is the best choice for lunch or dinner in southern Mexico City.

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La Posta Coyoacán

Av. Pacífico 292 Barrio La Concepción Coyoacán C.P.  04020 México, D.F. Reservations: 55545538


La Posta Parrilla

Av. Hidalgo No. 62 Barrio San Lucas Coyoacán C.P. 04030 México, D.F. Reservations: 55543643

Home service: 5687 4025


La Posta del Valle

Patricio Sanz 634-C Colonia del Valle C.P. 03100 México, D.F. Reservations: 55431822

Home service: 1107 7048


La Posta Nápoles

Lousiana No. 16 Colonia Nápoles C.P. 03100 México, D.F. Reservations: 55230120

Home service: 1107 7048



Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday 13:30 - 23:00 hrs.

Thursday to Saturday: 13:30 - 00:00 hrs.

Sunday: 13:30 - 22:00 hrs.

Breakfast hours in La Posta del Valle
8:00 a 12:30 hrs.

We open every day of the year.

Except: December 25 and January 1


"At the moment all telephone reservations are"

La Posta Coyoácan

Tel: 5554 - 5538

La Posta Parrilla

Tel: 5554 - 3643

La Posta del Valle

Tel: 5543 - 1822

La Posta Nápoles

Tel: 5523 - 0120


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